This SEA-ROD has the versatility, room, features & stability to be considered the ultimate fishing platform. Priced at just $33,490.

SEA-ROD are the new bench mark in build quality. The 480 is packed full of features, yet priced to match any of the leading pressed boats on the market. The SEA-ROD DELUXE Centre Console has a strong reputation as a great all purpose craft that offers generous internal room to meet whatever your fishing pursuit. With a casting deck, reverse chine hull and multi-chamber ballast the stability of this craft makes it the ultimate fishing platform. The extra hull weight gives a smooth ride in heavy swell while the stand up console provides extra protection from the elements. All DELUXE Centre Consoles can be factory fitted with a host of different optional extras to customise the layout and this boat has the aluminium removable kill tank and the bait board with inbuilt bait tank for just $33,490. Other available options are a two seated storage box and an aluminium folding tee-top. Please note photos may show features not standard on some models